Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Lucky - The Beginning of our Parenthood Journey

It was Feb 19th, 2013 the day Me, Jyothsna, our unborn(Lucky) Child and Bharthi Bhabhi met MnM for the first time. We met through common family friend of ours. We all where waiting for MnM in the living room. MnM's mother came and greeted us. After waiting for few minutes, MnM came greeted us and lead us to room on the terrace. MnM made us feel comfortable in every manner especially seating for the two pregnant women. Then the conversation started as to whether we knew the date of conception, since we where planning ahead for a baby, we knew the exact date. Then MnM started speaking about the Importance of Pregnancy , Education during Pregnancy, What we can teach our child when in mother's womb and lot of other information related to pregnancy. I was excited, surprised to learn lot of new things about pregnancy which existed and I never knew or heard before. I always thought in any given pregnancy only Mother has  an important role to play but I was wrong, Father also has the equal role to play. MnM even demonstrated how to tell a story to your unborn with help of a friend. At the end of the session MnM had enlighten us with her vast, in depth knowledge of pregnancy. That was the day Jyothsna’s and my journey to parenthood began and teaching the unborn child started. The 9 months journey of teaching included Prayer time, Activity time, Talk time with the Unborn.  The whole journey has been a wonderful experience. Our Spiritually empowered child, Varada was born on Sep 24th , 2013. MnM is a Friend, Guide ,Philosopher  and always has been there as a backbone through out our journey. 

Lots of love to MnM.

Kethan Jyothsna

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